New Ford EcoSport

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New Ford EcoSport


Smart because it is compact on the outside, as well as being spacious and well-equipped on the inside. Smart because a range of remarkable technologies make every drive as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. And smart because state-of-the-art engines and transmissions deliver rewarding performance and outstanding fuel-efficiency.

Busy city roads, tight parking spaces, narrow side streets…Thanks to clever design, EcoSport navigates them all with ease. This agility and manoevrability is matched by visibility: an elevated driving position giving you and your passengers an impressive view of the road ahead and the world around you.

The 1.0 litre, 3-cylinder EcoBoost petrol engine is a product of ingenious design and clever engineering. In fact, its revolutionary technology delivers both the power of a big engine and the fuel economy of a smaller one: a feat that’s led to EcoBoost winning the prestigious International Engine of the Year Award for an unparallelled three years in succession.

Ford EcoSport price starting from just £15,645 and available to buy from Underwoods - Ford Main Dealer in Tiptree, Essex.

Orange Ford Ecosport on road
Orange Ford EcoSport Side


Ford’s remarkable technologies are designed to do many things. And every feature and system exists to keep you connected and entertained, as well as make life easier.

Advanced hands-free technology
Ford SYNC lets you control your music and make and receive calls on your mobile, using simple, direct voice commands. You can use voice commands to play songs from a USB or MP3/iPod® too, or stream music from a Bluetooth®-compatible phone. The system even reads your incoming texts aloud.

*The Bluetooth® word mark and logos are allowed and owned by the Bluetooth SIG, Inc. and any use of such marks by Ford Motor Company Limited and its associated companies is under licence. Other trademarks and trade names are those of their respective owners.

Extra control during hill starts
Choose the PowerShift automatic transmission option and you get Hill Start Assist: a system that temporarily stops you rolling backwards when making a hill start. It works by maintaining pressure to the braking system for an extra 2.5 seconds, giving you more time and control as you move your foot from brake pedal to accelerator. The technology is also useful when you’re stopping and starting on slippery surfaces.

Sensors that take the stress out of parking
Parking distance sensors help you judge the distance between your vehicle and obstacles behind you. When the sensors detect an object, they activate an audible warning that intensifies the closer you get to it. (Optional across the range)

Less tiring drives, more economical journeys
Cruise Control helps keep your car at a pre-set speed limit that you select, making for more relaxed driving on long motorway journeys. As well as minimizing the likelihood of you exceeding the speed limit, it can also help to save fuel too. (Standard on Titanium.)

Ultra-modern lights
Striking, LED ‘signature’ lights enhance EcoSport’s distinctive looks, creating a recognisable, bold and highly visible presence on the road.
More fuel-efficient gear changes

A Shift Indicator light on the instrument panel tells you when to change gear for maximum fuel efficiency. It’s a simple but effective way to help make every journey more economical.

Essential journey information
An on-board trip computer gives you useful facts and figures about your mileage, fuel consumption, speed and the outside air temperature. It also includes ‘distance to empty’: roughly how far you can go on the fuel left in the tank. This is particularly useful on long journeys, or if you know you’ll be driving somewhere remote.

Ford EcoSport nterior image


Petrol or diesel power? Whichever option you choose you’re guaranteed performance, power and economy. The car’s aerodynamic body shape and design details like the rear pillar ‘kicker’ combine to deliver a low drag co-efficient. The result: lower wind resistance and greater fuel efficiency.

Making every drop of fuel go further
The revolutionary 1.0 litre 3-cylinder EcoBoost petrol engine gives you all the power you’d expect from a conventional 1.6 engine (up to 125 PS) whilst delivering around 24% better fuel economy and 25% lower CO2 emissions at just 125g/km. No wonder EcoBoost has been awarded International Engine of the Year for a record three years in succession.

Diesel power
A 1.5 litre TDCi diesel option enables you to enjoy up to 95 PS of power, as well as 4.4L/100km (64.2 MPG) fuel efficiency. This advanced engine is available with a 5-speed manual transmission that delivers both high torque (for fewer gear changes and exceptional pulling power) and CO2 emissions as low as 115g/km.

Clever design makes ingenious use of every square millimetre of space, maximising convenience and comfort in a compact vehicle.

Comfortable seats, always with a great view
The driver’s seat has built-in lumbar support and is 6-way adjustable, making it easy to find and fix your ideal driving position. Driver and front passenger seats can also be heated (part of optional Winter Pack). Passengers can tilt their seats forwards and backwards, so they can make themselves comfortable too. And everyone gets an elevated view of the road.

Key-free means hassle-free
Walk towards your car and the Ford KeyFree System senses the presence of your key fob, even if it’s in your pocket or bag. The doors unlock and when you take your seat there’s no need for an ignition key. Just depress the clutch, push the Ford Power Starter Button and the engine fires into life. (Standard on Titanium)

More than just a steering wheel
A perfectly weighted, ergonomically designed and leather-trimmed steering wheel puts you in total control of your car. And a series of integrated toggles put key functions at your fingertips.

A very cool feature
In an EcoSport, you can choose a glove box that doubles as an air-conditioned chiller-cabinet. So on hot days, cool drinks or snacks are always close to hand. In fact, there’s room for up to six standard-sized fizzy drink cans.

Flexible seating for extra space
A removable storage shelf, plus rear seats that are rake adjustable, split 60:40, and incorporate a ‘tip and tumble’ system: in a EcoSport it’s quick and easy to create room for luggage and/or bulky items.
Effortless manoeuvring and cruising

Electric Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS) adjusts to provide easier, lighter steering when you’re parking in a tight spot and firmer steering for more control on motorways. Unlike conventional power-assisted steering that operates continuously and consumes energy and fuel, our EPAS only operates when required, further improving fuel economy.

Set the ideal temperature for you and your passenger
With Electronic Automatic Temperature Control you can select the temperatures you and your passenger prefer and the system maintains it with advanced air conditioning.
(Standard on Titanium, optional on Zetec as part of the Winter Pack.)

A place for everything
Ingenious design means there’s lots of room for driver and passengers, as well as plenty of storage compartments for phones with USB chargers, sunglasses, coins, cups, drinks and snacks.

Peace and quiet while you’re driving
Sound-deadening materials and precision seals in the doors and windows, roof and body help make the EcoSport an exceptionally quiet drive.

Clear your windscreen quickly, with Quickclear
This clever feature is designed to get you on the move quickly on frosty mornings. Just touch a button and ultra-thin filaments can superheat to de-ice, de-fog and de-mist your windscreen as well as help de-freeze the wipers. The system works in seconds, even if it’s below zero outside. (Available as part of the optional Winter Pack)

Wing mirrors that heat up when it’s cold
As well as Quickclear for your windscreen, a heating system can help clear your all-important wing mirrors too. (Available as part of the optional Winter Pack)

Ford EcoSport Sync to mobile phone
Ford EcoSport hand brake
FOrd EcoSport air cooled compartment interior
Ford EcoSport interior view


Whether you’re the driver or a passenger, you can be sure that a comprehensive package of safety measures are designed to protect you. The New Ford EcoSport is also equipped with security measures that can help keep your car (and your valuables) safe from thieves.

State-of-the-art airbag system
The new EcoSport comes with driver, passenger, curtain and side airbags, as well as a driver's knee airbag: all fitted as standard. Advanced sensors are also positioned at key points in the vehicle to ensure a swift and controlled response.

Ford SYNC with Emergency Assist
An important and potentially life-saving part of Ford SYNC is Emergency Assist*. In the unlikely event of an accident, where the airbag is deployed or the fuel-pump deactivated, the technology can help make a direct call to the Emergency Services for you. Crucially, the system will supply vital information, such as your GPS coordinates, even if you are unconscious*

*Ford Emergency Assist operates in over 30 European countries. This feature works when paired with a compatible connected mobile phone that is with you when an airbag is deployed (excludes knee airbags) or a sensor that registers a crash deactivates the fuel pump. Text function and Emergency Assist not supported by all European languages.

Helping to keep children safe
The new EcoSport is designed to help keep young children safe and secure on every journey. And it comes with four rear ISOFIX child seat attachment points, so you can easily fit two child seats

An effective deterrent
A standard perimeter alarm protects your vehicle by sounding if the doors, bonnet or luggage compartment door are opened by force or if the ignition is switched on whilst the alarm is set.

Advanced systems for more controlled braking
Anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic brake-force distribution ensure that your braking is more controlled. Emergency Brake Assist also helps the EcoSport brake more effectively in an emergency situation. It does this by sensing how much pressure you’ve applied to the brake yourself and automatically increasing it, if necessary.

An early warning if a tyre is going flat
If any of your tyres starts to lose pressure during your journey, the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System warns you there’s a puncture by lighting up an icon on the instrument panel.

With a range of practical, useful and tough features, the New Ford EcoSport is made for city streets… and built to escape them.

Rise above it all with higher ground clearance
High kerbs, potholes, road works, speed humps…Town and city streets can prove hazardous. Which is why the EcoSport’s rugged construction includes an elevated ground clearance.

Makes U-turns easy
Unlike traditional, more bulky SUVs, EcoSport has a tight turning circle which makes U-turns on busy streets quick and easy, even when there are cars parked on both sides.

Clearing obstacles with room to spare
The Ford EcoSport’s ‘approach’ and ‘departure’ angles are set at 21.0 degrees and 33.3 degrees respectively, with a ramp breakover angle of 23.3 degrees (unloaded). These degrees relate to the angles at which your car can drive over an obstruction and avoid scraping its underside: essential for a modern SUV.

Complete the tough, SUV look
A spare wheel can be mounted on the rear door, adding to the Ford EcoSport’s stand-out-from-the-crowd image. With a body coloured cover too, the option is as stylish as it is practical. If you’d prefer not to take the spare wheel option, a tyre repair kit is supplied as standard.

Orange Ford EcoSport side view
Orange Ford EcoSport front



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