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Look out for a musty smell coming from your car's air conditioning; this is especially common if your air-con hasn't been used a for long period.

Air conditioning doesn’t just provide in-car comfort during the hot summer months; it can also be used in winter to demist your windscreen and can clear your windscreen much more quickly.

Air conditioning units are prone to accumulating bacteria and dirt, which can impact its effectiveness. An air conditioning anti-bacterial clean brings back the crisp, cool air that should be coming out from your vents.

Find out more about our Ford Air Conditioning Service

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ONLY £59.99

Money Saver
Save money with Underwoods Brake Skimming which will restore your brake discs to like new!

Why have your Discs skimmed?
Your brakes receive constant use and as a result of dirt and distortion can become scarred. This means they will no longer be true, flat or straight. This is normally what causes 'brake judder' and is an early sign that your discs are worn.

What we do
Our brake lathe will restore your discs correctly within manufacturer guidelines and legal levels, bringing your brakes back to maximum performance.

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Brake Disc Skimming performed by trained technician


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Tracking or 'Wheel Alignment' is an important to ensure good road holding and most importantly to maximise the life of your tyres which saves you money. By accidentally hitting a kerb or by driving at speed through a pot holes or over rough ground can result in a misalignment.

What we need to check
Firstly we will check the direction and the angle tyres set at (Toe in, Toe out). The 'Toe' check identifies if your tyres are closer or wider apart whilst the camber check identifies outward and inward tilt of your tyres.

Our current wheel alignment offer includes;

  • Free Tracking Inspection
  • £25 Front Track Check and adjust
  • £79 Full Alignment Check
  • £99 Full Alignment Check and adjust if required

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Wheel Tracking and Alignment in progress


ONLY £299

Making life easier
Parking your car can at times be a difficult manoeuvre, especially in busy car parks with the kids in the back causing a distraction. To help make life just that little bit easier Underwoods are delighted to offer you top quality rear parking sensors fitted to your car, complete with 5 years warranty.

The best thing is we can fit these to any make and model of vehicle.

Why have Rear Parking Sensors fitted?

  • Avoid damage to your own and other vehicles
  • Protect your 'No Claims Bonus'
  • Very helpful in dark conditions
  • Assists when visibility is poor
  • Protect your expensive painted bumpers
  • Shape of your car may hinder rear visbility
  • Keep yourself, your passengers and pedestrians safe

All this for a Special Underwood's Price only £299.

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Car Parking Sensors fitted to car



A simple mistake
You may have been fortunate so far, but thousands of people accidentally fill their cars with the incorrect fuel at filling stations. This can cause damage to the engine and other components.

How to fix it
We will remove mixed fuel from the tank and fuel lines and replaces the fuel filter. All fuel will be disposed of in accordance with environmental standard

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Car being filled with wrong fuel