Motability Scheme Adaptations

Over 37,000 Motability customers have adaptations fitted to their cars to help make driving or traveling easier or more comfortable. Underwoods can supply and fit driving adaptations to your Kia to help improve your driving experience, stowage adaptations which allow you to stow your scooter or wheelchair either in the boot of your Motability car or on the roof with electric controlled hoists and access adaptations which help you get in and out of the car.

At Underwoods we are totally dedicated to helping you decide and arrange fitting of the adaptations you require on your Kia vehicle to improve your driving life.

It is strongly recommended that you work out what type of adaptation you may need before you make your final choice of car, as not all adaptations are suitable for every type of car in the Kia range. Speak to your advisor about which cars are most likely to work for you with your chosen adaptations.

In most cases the original car's controls and features can still be used, so your nominated drivers can still drive. However, it's important to bear in mind that most driving controls require an automatic gearbox. Driving controls help with speed control, steering and signalling.

Some of our most popular adaptations within this category are described below.


Hand Controls were developed in response to concerns about the “secondary safety" of traditional systems, studies at that time showed there were risks of injury in the event of an accident particularly to the feet, knees and legs from the exposed rods linking the hand controls to the floor pedals.

The hand controls have been designed removing the rods and linkages from the area around the driver's lower limbs and routed them such that they run along the line of the steering column mainly enclosed within the steering column shroud. With the absence of rods and linkages in the footwell, getting in and out of the car is much easier and there is nothing to hinder other drivers from using the floor pedals.

They have been designed taking great care to ensure that driving using the hand controls is as comfortable as possible. The throttle has a longer distance of travel and is therefore much lighter and smoother than other designs and the brake is smooth and progressive, the controls also look much neater blending in with the look of the car and much less damage is done to the trim and coverings.


Having infrared controls fitted to your new car will allow you to operate your secondary functions at the touch of a button. If reaching the switches in your car is difficult an infrared steering control can bring them to your fingertips. Simply touch the button to control the indicators, horn, wipers, washers, lights and audio.

The units are positioned in a convenient location, mounted directly to the steering wheel and are usually used in conjunction with a steering wheel ball allowing you to keep your hands in one place whilst driving. There are a good choice of grips available for single handed use and 5,9, 12 or 18 functions available depending on your needs.

The unit, when in position will not hinder the operation of the steering wheel air bag, and it can be used either right handed or left handed giving simple control of the secondary functions.

The keypads use a Lithium battery which will last over 2 years and features a low battery warning light and are available for left or right handed use.


Wheelchairs and scooters can be heavy, if you have trouble lifting either into the boot of your car or you need your boot space for other means there are 2 types of storage systems available: A hoist which stores your wheelchair in your boot or a hoist which stores a folded wheelchair in a box on the roof.

Both are operated by a single button, be sure to talk to our adaptation specialist to be sure you pick the right hoist for you and your wheelchair/scooter. Some hoists lift the chair into the vehicle, others still require you to push the wheelchair into position.

A rooftop system lifts your folded chair to a secure storage box on the roof for either the driver or front passenger. The car boot space is then all yours.

It is important to remember that hoists come in varying weights depending on the weight you need to lift, with 2 way or 4 way options. They aren't suitable for every car or wheelchair so be sure to seek advice.

Most systems are operated by the press of a button on a remote control once you've attached your wheelchair or scooter ready for lifting and can be fitted to all makes and models of vehicle.

The modular design ensures they are easily and cheaply transferable to future vehicles. These hoists can cope with all types of wheelchair and scooter (assuming they will fit into the vehicle).

Although hoists are a relatively inexpensive adaptation, their installation would allow the vehicle to be purchased FREE OF VAT assuming the other qualifying criteria are met.


Left foot accelerator pedals are designed to be installed to the left side of the brake pedal on your Kia Motability car from Underwoods. They allow safe operation of the car accelerator pedal with the left foot - helping those who find the conventional placement of the accelerator difficult to use.

There are different types of left foot accelerators, from flip-up models to those which attach to the floor beneath the pedals. We can recommend the option which would suit you and your car best, and make sure that it is fitted safely.


Swivel seats offers a solution for people with limited mobility and in many cases can help with transferring from a wheelchair into a vehicle by swivelling the seat out over the sill of your car, for people confined to a wheelchair, moving to and from a vehicle can be a difficult process.

Our range of swivel seats are designed to ease this process for you, with the swivel seat mounted in the original seat bolt holes of you car which means there is no damage caused to your vehicle and should you wish to sell the car, the original seat can simply be replaced, our more advanced models are electronically controlled and include additional features such as height control.

Some of the options available are; Electrically operated swivel, Leg and Thigh supports, Integral 2,4 or 6 point belts, Adjustable head and neck supports and Lumber support.


If you would like to know more about Motability Adaptations, just get in touch by calling your nearest Underwoods Kia dealership on 01206 844426 or contact us using the enquiry form on this page and we'll get in touch with you.