Jinba ittai.


When you drive a Mazda, you never drive alone.

Car and driver in harmony.

We believe when oneness is achieved, driving becomes fun.

Like horse and rider.

Something we call “jinba ittai”.

Driving a Mazda can put a grin on your face,

The car grinning along with you.

Because our cars are about much more than just A to B.

We do it our way.

Beauty by subtraction.

A pure, intuitive relationship.

Creating a bond that words cannot describe.

Together we are stronger.

We never drive alone.

We drive together.

Jinba Ittai is more than just an advertising slogan. It is a way that Mazda have used for many years to develop their cars to be suited best for the driver. This new emdoiment of this ethos entitled 'Drive Together' is a strong and passionate statement that reinforces everything that is special about Mazda. An ethos that we at Underwoods in Colchester wholeheartedly embrace.

Please watch these beautifully shot short films below which truly capture the very essence of Jinba Ittai.