The All-New Mazda3 hatchback strikes you with its powerful, seductive presence and strong sporty appeal. It is designed to make you feel you’re looking at a work of art – not just a car. The way light plays on its flowing lines gives the impression that it is moving, even when standing still.

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All-new Mazda3 price starting from just £20,595, available to buy from Underwoods - Mazda Main Dealer in Colchester, Essex.

Engineered to a feeling
What sets our designers and master craftsmen apart is their obsession with finding the ultimate form of beauty. Using their hands, they sculpt with clay to find forms, shapes and textures that bring beauty to life. This is a car, inside and out, that uplifts all your senses. Driving pleasure in the All-New Mazda3 is a journey in emotion.

What does beauty feel like when you see it?
Our Kodo: Soul of Motion design aims to create a bond between car and driver, built on strong feelings of desire and pleasure. The all-new Mazda3 is a perfect example, so we put our artful design to the test by asking people to wear a Muse-Brain Sensing headband to measure reactions when they first see the car.

The purist definition of sound
Driving inspires you in the All-New Mazda3 through the art of sound. Bose and Mazda worked closely together to study how physics and human emotion could powerfully connect to give you a more intense enjoyment of music. Deeply integrated into the car, the sound system positions speakers optimally and features BassMatch for incredible bass impact.

Engineering perfect balance
A sense of balance is as important when we drive as it is when we walk, inspiring confidence in every turn of the wheel. We brought together experts to enhance the feeling that the all-new Mazda3 feels like an extension of your body, using human-centric engineering and Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture to make tires, seats and chassis work in complete harmony with you.



All-New Mazda3 360° View