Why buy the engine treatment Add Me

As cars get older and deposits build up unseen in engines, fuel efficiency,
performance and the life of the engine are reduced over time.

Add Me is the environmental engine treatment that safely restores mechanically sound engines which are over 5 years of age to maximum efficiency, power and performance whilst reducing harmful emissions.

We've conducted "Real World" testing by owner-drivers in their own cars and when you invest in Add Me yourself, we will provide you with instructions to measure your own vehicle improvements.

Easy to apply

Works while you drive

Maximises fuel miles

More available engine power

Smoother, quicker, quiter performance

Better for the environment

How does 'Add Me' Work?

Watch the video to find out how Add Me works.

Add Me for Petrol and Add Me for Diesel have been real world tested

It means they have been tested in vehicles going about their normal daily activities by the vehicles owner and the results you can see have been provided by the owners themselves.

The "Before" and "After" FUEL MILES PER LITRE/GALLON were recorded by the vehicle owner.

SAAB 9-3, 1999 - 1985cc


This vehicle had been pumping vaporised partially burnt and unburnt fuel into the environment for some considerable amount of time. These emissions are sometimes seen as black smoke but are often not visible, wasting significant amounts of money as you will see.

Over the previous 5,000 miles/8,000 kilometres, this vehicle consumed 1,057 litres/232.5 gallons of petrol.

Fuel prices for calculation purposes at £1.10 pence per litre and £5.00 per gallon.

Over the previous 5,000 miles/8,000 kilometres this vehicle has wasted 214.5 litres/47.2 gallons of fuel at a cost of £236.00.

This represents 20.3% of all fuel purchased.

It can be seen that Lambda Add Me pays for itself many times over.

Test Vehicle Details

Vehicle Make & Model:
SAAB 9-3
Engine Size:1985 cc
Year of Manufacture:1999
Fuel Type:Unleaded
Fuel Tank Capacity:64 Litres
Number of Cylinders:4 Cylinders / 16v


Frequently Asked Questions About Add Me

The following details some of the questions customers of Add Me have asked, but if you can't see the information you need, do contact us via the dedicated page on the website, we'd be happy to help.


Can Add Me be used safely in cars of any age?
Yes it can be used in mechanically sound petrol or diesel powered vehicles regardless of age.

Why do you recommend the products to be used in cars aged 5 years and over?
Once a car has been through 5 winters and 5 summers it's ability to burn all the fuel you put in a tank diminishes, leaving a build of deposits that cause harmful emissions.

Add me has been REAL WORLD TESTED, but what does this mean?
It means that they have been tested in vehicles going about their normal daily activities by the vehicle owners, the impressive results have been provided by the owners themselves.


What is the impact on the environment and ourselves?
Cars pump out black smoke and noxious fumes into the atmosphere, affecting ours and our children's health for years to come. These pollutant fumes are generated by old engines creating unseen deposits within them. Add Me resets this in-balance and removes these deposits from your engine, making it more efficient whilst reducing emissions.

What happens to the fuel that does not get burnt and where does it go?
It gets pumped into the air we all breathe causing potential health problems, particularly in towns and cities.


Is it expensive?
It pays for itself many times over by giving you up to a 20% increase in measured fuel miles.

How long do the benefits last?
Until the deposits build up again. If you wish to maintain the fuel efficiency of your car and it's reduction in harmful emissions, we recommend that you treat your car once a year with Add Me.

Why does my car burn more fuel as it gets older?
Deposits form inside all engines in areas untouched by normal service activity, slowly moving engine fuel efficiency, power and performance further away from the manufacturers design specification.