The Vauxhall ADAM is like no other car on the road, with its riotous colours and bold stance, you can define your own personality by specifying countless cool details. The Adam is by far one of the most customisable models available, with literally millions of possible colour, style and accessory combinations available.

Bold and inspirational, breathing fresh life into urban driving, the Adam models come as JAM, GLAM and SLAM tailored to evoke excitement into your daily drive. You have the ability to truly express yourself through your car with the Vauxhall ADAM – make it your own, every one's an original!

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The Vauxhall Adam from £13,850 is available from your local Underwoods - Vauxhall Main Dealer in Colchester, Clacton & Tiptree in Essex or Sudbury in Suffolk.

Vauxhall Adam Slam in Orange
Vauxhall Adam Jam in White Paint


Exterior design
The Vauxhall ADAM combines a uniquely bold design with thousands of customisable options, allowing you to truly create a car that suits your personality. Even the ADAM’s body kits project a distinctive attitude, a variety of personalisation options and a choice of funky colours too. The agile three-door ADAM provides the perfect urban driving experience, measuring just under 1.72 metres wide and 3.7 metres long with a compact wheelbase of 2311mm.

Every car needs wheels, but a Vauxhall ADAM has alloys with attitude and expression, available in no less than 32 different designs and colours. Go on, express yourself with an ADAM!

ADAM is all about self-expression though colour. Once you’ve chosen your main body colour, you can create an exciting two-tone look with a choice of one of seven optional Roof Packs. On the ADAM GLAM and SLAM models, you can opt for an electric folding canvas roof in either Black or Sweet Coffee colour. Get creative with 19 body paints and a countless array of colour combinations to choose from only limited by your own flair and imagination. Go on, get dreaming with an ADAM!

The ADAM stands for modern design and fresh individualism. However this fun urban car really leaps into life when you inject your own personality into the mix. The choice is completely yours when it comes to the colour, wheels and equipment combinations of your ADAM. An almost endless he list of exterior customisation features are available allowing you to customise your car just as you want it.

Daytime Running Lights
You’ll see more and be seen more, even in daylight with thanks to ADAM’s daytime running lights (DRL) with LED technology. But not only the ADAM headlights have LED technology, the rear lights do to. What’s more LEDs also help reduce CO2 emissions, due to their lower electrical power consumption.

Vauxhall Adam Interior


Interior design
ADAM’s interiors are full of striking designs, fabrics and textures. And when it comes to colour, why have one funky tone when you can have two?

Prepare to feel surround by comfort and pleasure when you take your seat under the ADAM’s optional panoramic glass roof, immersing yourself in six-speaker surround sound. Make life easier and feel more relaxed whether you’re driving or not in ADAM’s super-comfy seats with special side bolsters.

Sports seats
In an ADAM, driving is always a pleasure. Both the front and rear seats have a totally new design, using high-quality, high-density foam which provides extra comfort for your back, especially on those long journeys.

Twisted Packs
Because you are the Chief Designer of your ADAM, you can have everything just as you want. If you really choose to mix things up take your pick from one of our five Twisted Packs. Each pack offers an aesthetically pleasing combination of colour-coordinated ADAM components adding an unexpected dimension to the unique look of your own car design.

ADAM Styling
The ADAM provides as much opportunity for customisation on the interior as the exterior. There is so much that you can do such as; deciding on colours for the dashboard and door inserts, choose from leather or fabric seats, select a pedal design and steering-wheel colour. You can even illuminate the centre console, door pockets and passenger foot-well with seven different coloured light settings. But still it continues, with the roof headliner design, you can drive with a chess board finish or even have stars twinkling at night– alternatively, bring the outside in with a panoramic roof.

Vauxhall Adam Light


The Vauxhall ADAM comes with the all-in-one IntelliLink multimedia system. This superb multi-media entertainment and communication system features smartphone connectivity for Android and iOS, putting a world of music, videos, photos and maps onto your personal ADAM 7-inch colour touch-screen on the dash.

Infinity sounds
The Infinity badge on the ADAM guarantees you top-quality audio. Immerse your ears in near-perfect 7-channel sound, powered by a 7 x 45-watt amplifier and supported by a boot-mounted subwoofer. Find satellite speakers mounted at varying heights on both the doors and pillars, ensuring your chosen music comes through loud and clear.

Siri Eyes Free
Siri Eyes Free is an intelligent personal assistant from Apple, which will be integrated into the ADAM. You can play a song, make a call or send a text completely hands free, keeping your eyes safely on the road and your hands securely on the steering wheel, making your drive safe and more fun.

What’s more by simply pressing a button on ADAM’s steering wheel, iPhone owners can ask Siri to action their requests, such as to make a call, to play music, compose and hear text messages, dictate an email, hear new notifications, get navigation directions, add new reminders and much ,much more. Now that’s clever!

Another great App function is BringGo, a GPS-based navigation system with 3D maps and text-to-speech capabilities. BringGo connects with phones, projecting your own phone display directly onto the ADAM radio display. Stitcher allows you to stream your favourite radio shows and podcasts to your smartphone or tablet, letting you ‘stitch’ them together to create customised shows. Finally with TuneIn, access any online radio station, browsing by music genre or content whether sports or drama, the vast chose of media is entirely up to you. ADAM really delivers!

Vauxhall Adam Steering Wheel with Red Interior
White Vauxhall Adam with roof open
Vauxhall Adam interior and gearstick
Yellow Vauxhall Adam Interior with star lights


Parking assistance
ADAM can also not only find a suitable parking space for you, but will also steer you into the slot with the help of the optional Advanced Park Assist II feature. Simply keep your hands off the steering wheel, the car will take care of that, simply control acceleration, deceleration and gears - ADAM does all the hard work!

City mode
Make life even easier when driving in City Mode, increasing the power to the steering, reducing your effort at low speeds. Enjoy a smooth ride in the city with just press of the switch on the dashboard.

Hill-start assist
Now this clever little safety feature is standard on all ADAM models. The Hill-Start Assist prevents your ADAM from rolling back as you pull away on a steep hill or slope. So pulling away safely is worry free.

Blind-spot detection
Another great safety feature is the Side Blind-Spot Detection, which flashes a clear warning in your mirrors if another vehicle is in your blind spots when you begin to indicate. Side blind-spot detection works up to 87mph (where permitted).

Climate control
Control your ADAM environment with Electronic climate control (ECC), the easy to operate system that keeps you at the right temperature. On cold days the ADAM has all the right functions and features to make you feel comfortable. ECC works by using smart equations to consistently deliver outstanding comfort. ECC is standard with ADAM GLAM and ADAM SLAM.



Vauxhall Adam 360° View

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