The elegant Vauxhall Cascada brings convincing all-year usability to the glamorous world of convertibles. So why wait? Impressively high quality, dynamically designed and rewarding to drive, it’s the car you’ve always promised yourself.

Whether you’re looking for exhilaration, style or comfort, check out the new Vauxhall Cascada.

  • Pure soft-top elegance
  • Outstanding quality and functionality
  • Superior body stiffness and chassis technology
  • High-class comfort and infotainment features
  • Comprehensive range of driver assistance systems
  • Uncompromised passive safety

The Vauxhall Cascada from £27,115 is available from your local Underwoods - Vauxhall Main Dealer in Colchester, Clacton & Tiptree in Essex or Sudbury in Suffolk.

Vauxhall Cascada Side View
Vauxhall Cascada Convertiblie Roof Lowered


Long sleek and graceful, the new Vauxhall Cascada refreshes the most desirable way to drive.

Elegance and style
With the roof open or closed the clear lines reflect total commitment to elegance and style. From the front it is unmistakably a Vauxhall and refined in every detail. Check out the sculpted, impressive grille, the expansive mesh below it, the signature daytime running lights and stylish chrome. From the side with the top down the profile is long, sleek and uninterrupted. With the soft top raised the pillar-less proportions and the material quality are impressive. A chrome strip delineates the roof from the bodywork, adding a classic touring car touch. At the back, high-tech LED tail lamps, visually connected by an elegant chrome bar, create a smoothly rounded profile and, together with the high-level brake light, form an unmistakable light signature. The broad, stable stance and clever proportions work perfectly together to round off the sleek lines.

Driving on the bright side of life
With tactile, high-quality materials, flowing surfaces and welcoming comfort, the new Vauxhall Cascada saves the best for when you open the door. The luxurious finish of the Morrocana wrapping around the dashboard and instrument panel with its detail stitching immediately catches the eye. The instruments are driver oriented and the centre stack mounted controls fall easily to hand, pleasing to the eye and to the touch.

Four deep-contoured, spacious and supportive seats are waiting to be enjoyed. The easy entry system slides the front seats back at a mere touch, then just as quickly and easily back into place. High-quality cloth or luxurious leather is yours to choose. The leather is detailed with saddle stitching, adding yet another touch of luxury.

With a mixture of sophisticated engineering and premium materials, the new Vauxhall Cascada takes the pleasure and practicality of open air driving a significant step further.

Sunshine in just 17 seconds
Aerodynamically clean and refined, the soft top of the new Vauxhall Cascada fits perfectly with the pillar-less style. It is made of premium quality fabric, features a heated glass rear screen and disappears completely below a high quality tonneau cover when lowered. Operation is instinctively simple. The internal operating switch is located in the lower centre console where the hand naturally drops onto it, enabling attention to be kept firmly focused on the road. External operation is just as easy. Key operated remote control is standard on all Cascada models.

Opening the roof takes just 17 seconds and closing it 19 seconds. It can be raised or lowered at up to 30mph. All windows can be opened or closed by operating the four-windows-switch integrated with the soft-top operating switch.

Tested against all extremes
The electro-hydraulic mechanism for the roof has been tested 15,000 times, corresponding to 10 years’ usage at four operations per day. The soft top also reduces the vehicle’s weight by approximately 100kg in comparison to a hard top. The fabric is a well-proven high quality material. It is car wash proof, needs no regular maintenance and is UV resistant and long-term colour fast, to help it retain its good looks. Standard two-layer soft-top worldwide testing at extreme temperatures has proved that it is absolutely weatherproof and insulation is superior to a retractable hard top.

If you want an even quieter life, there is also an acoustic soft-top option for even better noise and thermal comfort. This features acoustically enhanced exterior fabric and a special layer of polyester fleece between the top layer and the interior lining. This improves thermal insulation and further reduces the noise level in the cabin by up to a third.

Vauxhall Cascada Leather Interior


When it comes to comfort details make the difference. Inside the new Vauxhall Cascada the levels of comfort and convenience don’t just look impressive; they work for and with you. From the ventilated seats to state of the art navigation, sound and connectivity, go ahead and create your own perfect ambience and environment.

A place for everything
Thirteen easily reached and conveniently located storage possibilities provide order on board. Then there is the luggage compartment that can take 280 to 380 litres with the roof open or closed. And it takes just a few seconds to use the FlexFold system to fold one or both rear seats to achieve up to 750 litres of space. The switches are conveniently located either side of the rear of the luggage compartment. These activate an electric, spring-loaded mechanism that automatically folds back the chosen seat.

For extra security when the car is parked and locked with the top down, the backrests are locked in position and cannot be folded forward by the backrest release, neatly cutting off access to the boot. For greater security there is also a factory-fitted security system that guards the whole car against theft.

Seatbelt Presenter
The long doors of the new Vauxhall Cascada make getting in and out especially easy for rear seat passengers. So that front seat occupants don’t have to stretch to reach their seatbelts, the new Vauxhall Cascada Elite Models include an electric seatbelt presenter that simply slides forwards, carrying the belt buckle conveniently and comfortably to your hand. It’s mounted at shoulder level behind the doors and the process is fully automatic. Closing the door and turning on the ignition activates it. Once the seatbelt has been fastened the presenter automatically retreats into its housing.

Electric Easy Entry
Another high-class feature is the powered easy entry system to the rear seats, which is part of the optional Power Seat pack. Micro-switch activated, there is no button to press or catch to release. Just moving the seatback forward starts operation. The seat then slides forward at twice the normal adjustment speed and just as effectively returns to the original position when the seatback is moved rearwards.

Rear view camera
This option makes reversing easy, even with the roof up. A high-res display shows the area behind the car while a scaled grid helps you to judge the distance to previously hidden objects.

(Navi 600 or Navi 900 is required)

Ventilated, Powered Ergonomic Sports Front Seats
Medically certified, multi-adjustable ergonomic sports seats offer the ideal mixture of sport and support, perfectly befitting the nature of the new Vauxhall Cascada. The powered AGR ergonomic sports seats, in leather with four-way pneumatic lumbar adjustment, just have to be experienced to be appreciated.

Adding power and leather to these seats ups the level of convenience. Choosing three-speed seat ventilation in combination with leather is to opt for exceptional luxury.

Acclimatization Options
Electronic climate control lets both front passengers choose and set their individual ideal temperature. Then sensors control it to remain exactly as chosen.

Another feature is the heated steering wheel. Not only does this take the sting out of cold mornings, it can make evening or night driving with the soft top down even more enjoyable?

Vauxhall Cascada Parking Camera on Screen
Vauxhall Cascada Sat Nav on Screen


Infotainment Systems
Whatever your choice of music or wherever your wheels take you, the new Vauxhall Cascada has the right infotainment package. Crystal clear navigation that takes you to sights and places of interest, or great sound, it’s all ready and waiting.

CD 400
The CD 400 features pre-selection for 6x6 stations, 4x20w, 6 custom speakers, mp3, aux-in, graphic info display, dynamic sound processor and steering wheel controls.

Navi 600 with colour info display
The Navi 600 has 7 premium speakers; the navigation map data and point-of-interest information (POI) are stored on SD card. Beside fastest and shortest route, the most economical route can be set. MP3 capability, USB, aux-in and steering wheel control are standard.

Navi 900 Europe with colour info display
The Navi 900 Europe has the same basic functions as the Navi 600 but comes with navigation and a pictured travel guide for more than 30 European countries. Additional features include log book function for each trip with USB download, the possibility to show individual pictures on the display, automatic POI announcement and voice recognition for navigation, phone, radio and CD/USB controls.

Let modern technology take the effort, stress and a whole lot of uncertainties out of driving. Then discover how much more relaxed and fulfilling driving can be.

Adaptive Forward Lighting (AFL+)
AFL+ is permanently fed all speed and steering angle data by the vehicle electronics and sensors. Based on this data, AFL+ controls the profile of the bi-xenon headlights, ensuring you benefit from optimal lighting at all times and under all conditions.

One of the many advanced AFL+ functions is High Beam Assist, which automatically switches the headlights between high and dipped beam. It is controlled via a special camera mounted behind the windscreen. This recognises preceding or approaching traffic and whether or not the vehicle is in the town or the countryside.

Front camera system
The front camera system in the new Vauxhall Cascada has four functions, all designed to make safety that much more positive and driving much more relaxed.

How many times have you missed a road sign? Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) helps ensure that you don’t miss any hazard or speed warnings. In addition to detecting speed limit signs, the new system also detects signs related to temporary speed limits (such as those imposed due to hazardous weather conditions, for example) and displays them right in front of you.

The front camera system also monitors the lane marking lines for Lane Departure Warning (LDW). This is instantly activated when the car crosses a line without signalling, instantly alerting you with audible and optical warnings.

The Following Distance Indication (FDI) measures the distance to the car ahead, letting you know via the central display if this distance shortens by a potentially hazardous degree.

Forward Collision Alert (FCA) gives visual and audible warnings when a collision is likely. You can set it to different distances, making the system particularly useful in poor light or bad weather conditions.

Parking safely and protecting the paintwork

The rear-view camera gives you a clear view of 130 degrees around the back. It is mounted high, to enable you to better judge distances. Selecting reverse gear activates the camera and the image is displayed on the colour display.

Advanced Park Assist quickly takes any hit-and-miss element out of parking. It simply calculates the steering moves you need to make and indicates them on the central display. And, as you don’t have to let go of the steering wheel, you are always in control.

When changing lanes timing is critical. To protect against unseen issues the Side Blind Spot Alert system uses sensors to cover the likely blind spots. When indicating to pull out or change lane an LED light illuminates in the appropriate exterior mirror. If the system detects a vehicle in the blind spot, the LED light flashes and a chime sounds as a warning.

Vauxhall Cascada Gear Stick
Vauxhall Cascada Roof Down
Vauxhall Cascada Boot Release
Vauxhall Cascada Rear View


A soft top should have all the engineered-in safety of a hard top. Thanks to advances in structural engineering, high tensile strength materials and dedicated rollover protection, the Cascada does.

Strength in depth
The new Vauxhall Cascada surrounds you with a rigid safety structure reinforced with extra body cross members. The graceful windscreen pillars are press hardened and conceal hard rolled steel reinforcement bars that reach down below the doors. The rollover bars are anchored in the strongest part of the rear structure. Normally they stay elegantly out of sight but, should you ever need them, they are ready to protect you in less time than it takes to blink, as they’re triggered by the airbag sensors.

Refined passive safety
Full sized front airbags combined with oversized side airbags that add extra head protection are standard on every new Vauxhall Cascada. Other measures include double seatbelt pre-tensioners to hold you safely in the optimum protective position. The seat frames and mountings also play a significant safety role, as do Vauxhall’s well-proven active headrests. These move upwards and forwards under impact to guard against whiplash and upper body injuries. Meanwhile, the equally well-proven pedal release system detaches the pedals under impact to guard against foot and lower leg injuries.

Anti-theft protection
The alarm system for the new Vauxhall Cascada has been designed for all-round peace of mind. Any attempt to enter the vehicle will result in the lights flashing and the alarm sounding. The system carries its own back-up power supply and guards the complete vehicle and its contents.

Vauxhall Cascada Front View
Vauxhall Cascada Side View




360 VIEW

Vauxhall Cascada 360° View

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