My Vauxhall is your one-stop shop for managing everything to do with your Vauxhall – from important vehicle information such as your owner’s manual and servicing reminders to exclusive discounts and Vauxhall OnStar account management, My Vauxhall makes running your Vauxhall smarter and easier. We welcome you to visit our showrooms in Colchester, Clacton, Tiptree or Sudbury for a live demonstration of My Vauxhall.

Please Note - You need to register with My Vauxhall in order to use certain features. The application is free, but a smartphone with a data connection is required to use certain online features. You may be charged for outbound calls to OnStar or Vauxhall Customer Care. Please consult your mobile provider for information on data usage costs.

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Smart phone connected to Vauxhall One Star


Account Activation
Do you have Vauxhall OnStar in your car? If so, join My Vauxhall to access or set up your Vauxhall OnStar account.

Vehicle Diagnostics
To access your OnStar vehicle diagnostics, log in to your My Vauxhall account. You’ll find a full, up-to-date check-up of your car waiting for you.

Remote vehicle control
Want to control your car from your smartphone? Download the My Vauxhall app and you can remotely lock or unlock it, flash the lights and honk your horn. You can even use your smartphone to send a destination direct to your car's inbuilt Sat Nav.

Manage Wi-Fi data
With My Vauxhall, you can set up your mobile 4G Wi-Fi hotspot and check how much data you’ve used. And if you need to change your Wi-Fi settings on the go, just use the My Vauxhall app.

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Vauxhall Master Fit Technician servicing a car


Service reminders
My Vauxhall will notify you if you are due for a service or MOT and let you know how long you have until your next one.

Service booking
If you’re due for your next service or you’d like to have some work done you can request an appointment with your preferred retailer through an online booking form.


Track your Vauxhall Car


If you’re still waiting for your new car to arrive, visit My Vauxhall to get updates on how it’s doing. You can even get a sneak-peek of it being made.Service booking If you’re due for your next service or you’d like to have some work done you can request an appointment with your preferred retailer through an online booking form.


Vauxhall free car wash with service


A little thank-you for buying a Vauxhall... Claim rewards such as free car washes and Retailer vouchers, or enter our existing prize draws.


Red Vauxhall Corsa


Vehicle details
Through your My Vauxhall account, you can amend your vehicle category: Private, Motability or Company Car. You’ll then be able to access information and offers that closely match your needs.

Personal details
If your contact details change, remember to update them in My Vauxhall, this is the easiest way to update us and it means you won’t miss out on any exciting news or offers.



Find a Retailer
Need a Retailer? Search by postcode or name, or find your nearest dealer.

Owner’s manual
Access your owner’s manual straight from the My Vauxhall app – wherever you are.

Parking made easy
With the My Vauxhall app you can pin your car’s location, attach a photo or a note, and set a reminder to make sure you’re back in time. No more wandering around the car park, hoping for inspiration…

To access your OnStar vehicle diagnostics at any time, just use the My Vauxhall app. You’ll find a full, up-to-date check-up of your car ready for you.

Remote control
Download the My Vauxhall app and control selected car features remotely. Remotely lock or unlock it, open the boot, flash the lights and honk your horn – all from your smartphone.

Destination Download
Need help finding a destination? Send any address straight from your phone to your car using Destination Download on the My Vauxhall app.


Service Club
As a member of the Vauxhall Service Club, you’ll get exclusive savings on your servicing and repairs. It’s free to join and is open to all drivers of Vauxhalls that are over two years old.

See what you can save
As the table shows, for every year that you own your Vauxhall, you can enjoy half-price MOTs, so you pay less than £28. For drivers in Northern Ireland, you can get free pre-MOT checks instead.

If you have a Service Plan for your Vauxhall, you can still get up to 25% off* any wear-and-tear repairs, such as replacement brake pads or a new clutch. There’s no catch. It’s all part of our commitment to looking after you and your Vauxhall.

Join Service Club
You’ll be in good hands with Service Club. The fully-trained technicians at our Vauxhall Retailers are experts in servicing and maintaining Vauxhalls. They use equipment designed for the job and if anything needs replacing, they’ll use genuine Vauxhall parts.

And you can get all this for less, with Service Club’s discounts: up to 25% off* servicing and repairs and half-price MOTs, or if you’re in Northern Ireland, free pre-MOT checks.

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Visit Underwoods Vauxhall Dealerships in Colchester, Clacton & Tiptree in Essex or Sudbury, Suffolk for a live demonstration of My Vauxhall App.

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