The Mazda3 has been built with the inspiration of Mazda’s eye-catching 'KODO – Soul of Motion' design language, raising the drivers expectations from first sight. Marking a huge step forward the Mazda3 has been completely redesigned and evolved in every way. This sporty hatchback defies convention, delivering an exhilarating driving experience and uncompromising handling, whilst achieving outstanding fuel consumption and low CO2 emissions. The Mazda3 also offers Mazda’s full range of advanced SKYACTIV Technologies.

At Mazda they do things differently to other manufacturers, such as using direct fuel injection techniques and optimised piston position. With its ‘i-stop’ instant stop-start technology, the Mazda3 makes the ultimate sprinter allowing a driver to almost instantly re-start, leading to fuel economy improvement. ‘i-stop’ is standard across the Mazda3 range.

The Mazda3 hatchback also became the first Mazda to provide internet connectivity through your smartphone, giving access to internet radio and social media including Facebook and Twitter.

Mazda3 price starting from just £20,595 and available to buy from Underwoods - Mazda Main Dealer in Colchester, Essex.

Red Mazda3 side view
Mazda3 front view with led lights


The Mazda3's exterior is inspired by our unique KODO design language

As the Mazda3 has been designed with the ‘KODO – Soul of Motion’ design theme, the body styling from the frame up expresses dynamic motion across every detail. The sculpted forms of the Mazda3 create an impression of powerful, forward movement. An exciting driving performance and manoeuvrability is reflected in the Mazda3’s strong and wide stance. With its KODO design, the exterior conveys an energetic sense of motion that appeals to drivers from first glance.

Alloy Wheels
On the SE and SE-L models 16” alloy wheel come as standard, whilst the Sport features stylish 18” alloys adding to the sense of speed and stability that the Mazda3 creates. Mazda alloy wheels provide an outstanding combination of performance and style, with light wheel structures and designs that suppress road noise to provide heightened handling stability. These wheels reflect the car’s strength and responsiveness.

Mazda3 view of dashboard with information screen


The Mazda3's combined a finely crafted interior with mobile connectivity

When you sit inside the Mazda3 you realise how spacious this cars interior is for this class of car. Comfortable and welcoming, you settle into the sporty seats and truly appreciate the attention to detail that I provided in this refined driving environment, a luxurious feel of the soft fabrics and high-quality prestige look of satin chrome and soft tactile materials. For an even greater sense of luxury, Sport Nav Mazda3 models are available with leather seats as an option. Mazda have taken craftsmanship to a totally new level – Mazda3 is one of the first cars in this class to offer internet connectivity through a connected smartphone. Just another way Mazda take driver entertainment to a whole new level of interaction.

Advanced Car System
For the first time in the new Mazda3 advanced in-car internet connectivity is available via compatible smartphones, enabling the driver and their passengers to enjoy a range of online services. Access is provided to a large array of free mobile content directly into the Mazda3 including AhaTM, a cloud-based service with more than 40,000 radio stations including podcasts, audio books and personalised location-based services. The AhaTM app can also allow a driver to safely access social media feeds by reading out Twitter feeds and Facebook posts. The Mazda3 boasts a large 7” LCD colour touchscreen with your Multimedia Commander control system positioned conveniently between the front seats, designed to be far more easy to use than conventional in-car multimedia controls. Providing mobile connectivity in a luxurious and comfortable environment, you are free to enjoy a safe and entertaining driving experience.

Active Driving Display
Via a head-up display the Mazda Active Driving Display provides essential driving information including speed, turn-by-turn navigation and emergency warnings. The head-up display is positioned in the driver’s eye line allowing the driver to keep their eyes fixed on the road, making this not only a clever piece of technology, but incredibly safe to use. Available on Sport Nav models only.

Mazda3 LCD Screen
Mazda3 speed dial design


Mazda3 delivers excellent fuel consumption and reduced emissions

Above all the Mazda3 is an exceptionally safe car to drive. With an outstanding safety performance achieved with advanced safety features including Rear Vehicle Monitoring system*, giving the driver greater awareness of vehicles both behind and to the side of your car. The Mazda3’s Lane Departure Warning System* alerts you if you are about to leave your lane and the Emergency Stop Signalling System will automatically flash your hazard lights if you were to brake hard suddenly alerting the driver behind.

The Active Driving Display on your Mazda3 will give you a clear view of any of the safety alerts as they are performed. Alongside more passive car safety features such as the extra-strong SKYACTIV-Body shell, these active technologies allow you to relax to enjoy your drive, feeling that you and your passengers are protected.

*This system is available as part of an optional pack at an additional cost on Sport Nav models.

Here is yet another special addition to the Mazda3 braking system named i-ELOOP which improves fuel economy and engine efficiency. During deceleration I-ELOOP recovers lost kinetic energy, storing as electricity via a quick charge capacitor. i-ELOOP supports the i-stop system, as there is no need to use battery power, even when Mazda’s idle-stop system has put the engine in standby when you stop at traffic light for example. During city driving where you will often stop-and-go, charging may resume before the capacitor is fully discharged. Because of this, i-ELOOP produces most, even all, of the electricity needs of the vehicle, meaning the engine will not need to divert power to charge the battery. Now that’s clever!

The i-ELOOP system comes as standard only on the Mazda3 165ps Sport Nav models.

i-stop technology
The Mazda3 features i-stop, which by switching off your engine when you’re idling in traffic improves your car’s environmental performance. You will barely even notice this happens, as i-stop restarts your Mazda3 engine much more quickly and smoothly than most other stop-start systems available on the market. Your engine will be ready to go as soon as you want it to. i-stop is available with both our automatic and manual transmissions.

The i-stop system ensures the perfect position of the pistons to quickly restart the engine. This technology has become the winner of several technology awards. In fact it is the world’s only start-stop engine system that uses combustion energy to restart. Just another way that Mazda defy convention.

Mazda3 air conditioning dial
Mazda3 motion image front view
Mazda3 door controls button
mazda3 rear view on country road


Discover ultimate performance with the Mazda3
The all-new Mazda3 delivers a driving experience exceeding even the expectations that this sporty new design creates. Because Mazda put driving fun first, their cars are well known to provide an dynamic and exhilarating driving performance. Just another way that Mazda defy convention.

An unconventional approach to designing and building cars perhaps, but it continues here with a car inspired by the Japanese notion of Jinba Ittai – ‘horse and rider as one’ – thus creating a unique bond between both the car and driver contributing to exhilarating driving experience, with exciting and responsive road handling of this fun hatchback.

SKYACTIV-Body structure
The Mazda3 has a new SKYACTIV-Body structure enhancing performance and giving an improved driving experience. Mazda have done this by using ultra-high tensile steel reinforcements enhancing body rigidity by around 30%. At the same the overall weight has been reduced without sacrificing safety performance.

A combination of this increased rigidity and an overall lighter weight has improved road handling making the Mazda3 more responsive and agile, improving driving dynamics and more enjoyable driving.

SKYACTIV engines and transmission
Mazda’s newly developed 100ps SKYACTIV-G petrol engine is light and compact, providing significantly better fuel efficiency than previous small capacity engines, due to its light and compact design. Both the Mazda 120ps and 165ps SKYACTIV-G petrol engines are refined, direct-injection engines which provide great fuel economy and outstanding performance.

Mazda’s diesel engines defy convention, with the 150ps SKYACTIV-D providing fast acceleration, outstanding performance and exceptional fuel economy.

You have the choice of the automatic six-speed SKYACTIV-DRIVE or manual six-speed SKYACTIV-MT manual transmission with either the SKYACTIV-G 2.0 litre and SKYACTIV-D 2.2 litre. Both Mazda SKYACTIV-G petrol engines fully comply with Euro 5 emissions standards and the diesel SKYACTIV-D engine complies with the new Euro 6 emissions standards.

Mazda3 cornerning on the road
Mazda3 in red on road




Mazda3 360° View

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