Energetic design elements, state of the art technology, smart safety features and low fuel consumption – the ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback offers you the chance to experience more, it features a new, longer rear window design, a sharp, high tornado line and a longer wheel base, the ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback is marked by a dynamic silhouette. That’s just the exterior.

Inside, the ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback boasts impressive amounts of headroom and legroom. Just as you’ve come to expect from ŠKODA models, there’s ample boot space too with the rear seats up and even more with them down.

We’re renowned for our smart safety features and the ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback is no exception - ABS braking, front and side airbags, height adjustable three-point safety belts and ESC stability systems all come as standard.

ŠKODA Rapid price starting from just £14,550 and available to buy from Underwoods - ŠKODA Main Dealer in Colchester, Essex.

Red Skoda Rapid Spaceback
Red Skoda Rapid Spaceback


Rapid Spaceback - Design
The Rapid Spaceback delivers a new design style for the ŠKODA brand, offering a refreshing and visually attractive configuration. The radiator grille is a fixed part of the front fascia and therefore does not rise with the hood. Above the chrome frame of the grille, the ŠKODA logo stands out perfectly. The headlamps are integrated into the grille, creating a unified design unit that optically expands the vehicle. Likewise, the spoiler, with its integrated fog lamps, contributes to the perception of robustness and width. From the side, the Rapid Spaceback impresses with its elegant clean surfaces and dynamic lines that, at the same time, highlight the car's compactness.

The perfect functionality of the design is also reflected in the shape of the rear doors, which offer a generous entry space upon opening. Dynamics and robustness emanate from the vehicle even when it is viewed from the rear. There is remarkable detail in the broken surfaces, which create space for the registration plate. The ŠKODA name is inscribed on the back. The dynamic appearance of the vehicle is rounded off by two-tone exterior mirrors housings.

Rapid Spaceback - Colours
The range of colours available on the ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback is broad enough for everyone to choose what they really like. By combining a light body with elements of the dark Style Package you are sure to achieve an exceptionally attractive appearance.

Rapid Spaceback - Style Pack
While the main advantages of ŠKODA vehicles have thus far been tucked away in the interior, the Rapid Spaceback offers you the opportunity to change this rule. ŠKODA designers have unleashed their imagination and prepared a superb looking Style Pack for this great car. The combination of the tinted panoramic glass roof and tailgate with glazing extended to the number plate creates a spectacular strip of glass along the top of the car. It not only looks fantastic, but also lets daylight into the interior, forming a truly airy and optically larger environment. If necessary, the roof can be covered with a roller blind from the inside.

The Style Pack also includes a black-painted tailgate spoiler, black tinted rear light clusters, black door mirrors and black front fog lamps. Take advantage of the Style Pack that comes as standard if you choose SE Sport.

Rapid Spaceback - Sunset glass
Glass with a higher degree of tone in the rear area of the vehicle (SunSet glass) - protects passengers sat in the back of the vehicle from the Sun whilst also offering a feeling of increased privacy. Sunset glass from B-pillar back is standard for SE Sport and available as an option for SE Tech. You can always opt for tinted glass which is standard for the SE Tech.

Rapid Spaceback - Alloy wheels
In the dynamically-cut body of the ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback, even greater importance has been attached to the wheel design. The 15" wheels provide driving comfort, even on poorly kept roads, but if you want to underscore the agile appearance of the car, larger 16" and sporty 17" wheels are also available. Your valuable wheels and tires will be safe with anti-theft wheel bolts for the 16” Dione alloys for SE Tech and 17” Camelot alloys for SE Sport.

Rapid Spaceback - Rear reflectors
The rear section of the ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback is adorned by a pair of reflectors in the shape of "cat's eyes". When driving at night or in low visibility, the lights of the vehicles behind are reflected in the cat’s eyes to warn drivers of the dimensions of your car, helping to enhance its general visibility. The shape supports the overall attractiveness of the rear of the car too.

Skoda Rapid Spaceback interior


Rapid Spaceback - Seats and “Simply Clever” features
All the seats in the Rapid Spaceback are designed for comfort and support. The front seats have exaggerated side sculpting that reliably holds the driver and passenger in place when cornering. A height adjustable passenger seat is an option on SE Tech and SE Sport. The outer rear seats are also distinctly anatomically moulded, ensuring maximum comfort for the two passengers. We wouldn’t call it Spaceback for no reason as there is plenty of space in the back for three people.”

Sport seats are standard for SE Sport, this includes sports pedals and piano black decorative inserts to complete the set. You can get the package as an option with SE Tech and this comes with an extra Supersport multi-function steering wheel.

Rapid Spaceback - Dashboard
To make you feel as 'at home' as possible inside the Rapid Spaceback, you can also choose the colour scheme of the dashboard. The upper part is always matte black to limit its reflection in the front glass, but the lower part, depending on the trim level, can be grey, beige or black. From the SE trim level up, these three combinations are accompanied by decorative strips in one of four options: Graphite metallic, Aluminium look, Piano White and Piano Black.

Rapid Spaceback - Multi-function leather steering wheel
The Rapid Spaceback's range of equipment includes a new generation of 3-spoke steering wheels. The most attractive variation is the multi-function leather steering wheel with radio controls and telephone. The steering wheel trim matches the dashboard inserts. Most steering wheels also incorporate chrome features.

Rapid Spaceback - Instrument panel
The instrument panel is located in the traditional spot behind the steering wheel, which is optimal from the driver’s perspective. With its clean, clear style the instrument cluster wonderfully complements the exterior design.

Rapid Spaceback - Multimedia holder
The multimedia holder in the Rapid Spaceback's centre console creates a safe place to transport small devices such as an iPod or mobile telephone.The multimedia holder is available as part of the Simply Clever package.

Rapid Spaceback - Front cup holder
Depending on the size of your drink, you can keep it in either the right-hand or left-hand cup holder, where it won’t leak on you even during sharp turns. The cup holder is within reach of both the driver and passenger.

Red Skoda Rapid Spaceback with Boot Open
Skoda Rapid Spaceback storage under back seats
Red Skoda Rapid Spaceback ice scraper in fuel cap
Skoda Rapid Spaceback Cup Holders


All of our ŠKODA models come with bundles of technological features available as both standard and optional extras. Discover some of our latest features below.

SmartLink enables a simple connection between your car and smartphone by mirroring your phones display on the internal screen. Different smartphone devices utilise different aspects of SmartLink technology which is made up of MirrorLink™, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto*. So, whether you want to select and listen to music or receive turn-by-turn directions, you can do it all without needing to reach for your phone.

* For more information and to check the compatibility of your device with any of the different technologies, please visit the relevant website MirrorLink™, Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Some apps require data usage - please ensure your mobile phone contract provides sufficient data usage.

SmartGate is a system that uses a Wi-Fi connection to send selected vehicle data to a connected device of your choice. SmartGate is one of the solutions that connect the car a with smartphone. It allows the user to see more – e.g. vehicle speed, engine revs, fuel level, trip computer or g-meter, brake status or the throttle position.

ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback - Cornering front fog lights
Cornering front fog lights increase visibility at low speeds by illuminating the area the car is about to turn into (standard on SE L).

ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback - Sunset glass
From the B-pillar back the windows can be tinted in black (optional on SE and SE L). The benefits of this are protection from the sun and UV rays as well as adding a sporty look

ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback - Rear tailgate lights
The rear of Rapid is where the marriage of modern style and functionality is most evident. The strong shoulder line meets the distinctive ŠKODA C-shaped rear light and crystalline angles dissect the large boot opening ensuring a strong appearance without being bulky.

Skoda Rapid Spaceback speed dial
Skoda Rapid Spaceback red grey seats



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ŠKODA Rapid Spaceback 360° View

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