Call Underwoods First

In the event of a vehicle accident or theft, make sure you CALL UNDERWOODS FIRST 0844 836 7382, even before your insurer, irrespective of whose fault it was, or the severity of the damage. Underwoods Accident Aftercare is a FREE service to alleviate the stress and inconvenience for our customers, following an accident or theft. So if you need to make an insurance claim, Call Underwoods First and we'll manage the entire insurance claim process for you. There's NO hassle, NO form filling and NO cost to you!

You might think you have to do what your insurer instructs you to do ... well you don't. Call Underwoods first and you'll have the peace of mind that your vehicle will receive the highest quality repair at an Underwoods Bodyshop.

Call Underwoods First and we will:

  • Recover your vehicle
  • Liaise with your insurer and handle your insurance claim
  • Fill in your claim form
  • Exercise your right to have the vehicle repaired by us
  • Provide you with a courtesy car during the repair
  • Collect and deliver your vehicle
      • Ensure only genuine manufacturer parts are used
        • This will help to protect your vehicle's warranty
        • It will also help with the residual value
      • Provide a legal support service for personal injury if required
      • Keep you informed throughout

      Why should I Call Underwoods First and NOT my insurer?

      Most UK motor insurers will not guarantee to fit vehicle manufacturer genuine parts, or use an Underwoods Bodyshop to repair your car. In contrast, when you Call Underwoods First, you'll enjoy the guaranteed benefits shown below :

      Guaranteed Benefits of an Underwoods Accident Aftercare handled claim which most UK Insurers don't do!

      • Repairs using only manufacturer genuine parts & panels
      • Repaired only at an Underwoods Bodyshop
      • Repaired by vehicle manufacturer approved technicians
      • Safeguard your vehicle's mechanical/anti corrosion warranty
      • Free nationwide recovery of the vehicle to an Underwoods Bodyshop
      • Courtesy car for all accidents
      • Protects your vehicle's residual value by only using genuine parts
      • Provide a bodyshop that keeps your vehicle 100% original
      • Manufacturer approved repair methods
      • Maintaining vehicle standards using genuine parts